CMAG specializes in consulting on big data, data analytics, information governance, enterprise content management, data protection, cloud migration, predictive analytics, data visualization, data mining and business analysis.

CMAG also offers a variety of financial and management consulting ranging from investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and direct investment in a vast spectrum of industries. Our team members contribute knowledge to each of our focus markets, offering early-stage growth companies a broad range of services that accelerate success.

CMAG is a global team of experienced associates and thus we are able to provide the capital from venture capital investors, angel investors, private equity investors and high net worth individuals.

CMAG identifies select markets where there are opportunities to consolidate brands, production and distribution resulting in the ability to outperform market leaders with some of our specialties being growth markets and underperforming competition.

In a nutshell, our consulting services are refreshing, personal, cost-effective and client-friendly!