CMAG as part of its global trading business indulges in buying, selling, importing, exporting, merchandising, offshore trading, acting as agents for purchase and sale of various commodities that are renowned nationally and globally and represent the state-of-the-art in various important areas. Customers of the products supplied by CMAG are convinced not only by perfection in manufacture, world-class quality in presentation, but also in their unparalleled efficacy, reliability and cost-effectiveness. CMAG is also renowned for its supply chain network and precisely determined logistics.

CMAG specializes in trading and facilitating trading of food products, agricultural products, petroleum and energy products such as crude oil, petrochemical products, and heavy melting scrap and steel.

CMAG also supplies hospital furniture, orthopedic and dental implants, anesthesia products, autoclaves, suction machines, lab ware, pharmaceutical products, and also a wide range of products for hospitals, doctors and clinics, surgeons and patients at home. We are well known for the distribution and export of medical supplies, surgical supplies and surgical instruments to various hospitals and dealers nationally and globally through our sister companies Essentia Business Private Limited and Essentia Healthcare Solutions Private Limited (

We deliver products that touch the lives of millions of people at the right time, every time!